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Series: Sleeps With Butterflies

Image credit to bittersweethalcyon on tumblr.

In 1996, Gil Grissom presented at a forensic academy conference in San Francisco. Sitting on the front row, her hair up in a ponytail, was Sara Sidle. They couldn’t take their eyes off each other. The question is, what happened next?

Note: every chapter is linked to the next, so you don't have to come back to the master list if you decide to try your hand.

1) The Next Chapter (Sara/Grissom; Teen) Summary: The Next Chapter Waited in Vegas; Timeframe: Pre-Series

2) An Introduction, Of Sorts (Grissom/Sara; Adult) Summary: It didn’t matter that he was still in love with her.; Timeframe: Cool Change

3) What the Butterfly Saw (Grissom/Sara; Adult) Summary: With you I quote Shakespeare and dream in Neruda. I see the beauty of a sunset and the sensuality of a rainstorm. You taught me bravery and compassion – and even stupidity. There are days when I look at you and I wonder why you stayed for so long in that place and that situation, but I also understand, somehow, why you couldn’t go. We understand each other, we are good together, and that frightens me. Timeframe: Crate and Burial

4) Damaged, Not Broken (Pre-Relationship; Adult) Summary: Step one: Observation and description of a phenomenon or group of phenomena. Timeframe: Pre-series

5) Under the X-Ray (Grissom/Sara; Sara/Doug; Mature) Summary: Do you want to sleep with me? Timeframe: Post-Unfriendly Skies/During Sex, Lies, and Larvae.

6) Release (Sara/Grissom; Adult) Summary: He was going to have his way with her, release the worry and stress. Only if she uttered the word would he end it. Timeframe: Post Strip Strangler

7) The Definition of Insanity (Grissom/Sara; Mature) Summary: The tone in his voice made her bristle. It made her feel like a school girl with a crush even though he was the one leading her on. Timeframe: Burden of Proof

8) Trigger (Grissom/Sara; Mature) Summary:She could sleep later. Later, after she’d pulled her rain soaked clothes from her body and tossed them into the trash, unable to ever wear them again for fear of bringing that karma back into some other teenager’s life. Timeframe: Homebodies

9) Words Have Consequences (Grissom/Sara; PG-15) Summary: “Debbie Marlin wasn’t your conscience, Gil. And I’m not here for you to use every time you need to work out your issues. I’m sorry that I’m fifteen years younger than you and that loving me might fuck with your hard won position here in Vegas, but I am who I am and you had absolutely no problem loving that person in San Francisco.” Timeframe: Post Butterflied

10) Sea Foam and Starfish (Grissom/Sara; Mature) Summary: She shook her head. “I need you. The man who loved me back in San Francisco. If you can’t give him to me, I’d rather find a way for us to just be friends. I need to be allowed to move on. We both do.” Timeframe: Late Season Five

11) Miles High (Grissom/Sara; Adult) Summary: “Enhanced euphoria?” She whispered into his ear. “You want to try an experiment, Doctor Grissom? So you can cite your own sources?” Timeframe: Just before Grave Danger.

12) Lost Choices (Grissom/Sara; Mature) Summary: She was in the hospital, screaming while her body protested labor and even while her body bled from the damage inflicted on it and the doctors raced to stitch her up, she’d begged futilely for a chance to see her child just once. Just once. Timeframe: Season 6

13) Weight (Sara/Grissom; Teen) Summary: Of course Gil was the logical choice for Jim’s power of attorney. He could be counted on to make the rational decision in the moment, to weigh everything with his mind that worked faster than most, to be able to rationalize his decisions. Timeframe: Way to Go

14) What She Knew (Grissom/Sara; PG-15) Summary: Part of him felt slightly liberated to know that he was, in fact, just as much of an asshole as other men. Timeframe: Pirates of the Third Reich

15) Human Gods (Grissom/Sara; Teen) Summary: It was true, he supposed, that there were no atheists in foxholes. Timeframe: Leaving Las Vegas

16) Inside the Cocoon (Grissom/Sara; Adult) Summary: He’d fled partly because of work, partly because of her, partly because he was a middle-aged man who chose to teach seminars on bugs rather than get a sports car. Timeframe: Law of Gravity

17) New Perspectives (Grissom/Sara; PG-13) Summary: “They named her Elise.” Timeframe: Empty Eyes

18) Finding Happy (Grissom/Sara; Mature) Summary: “Our lives together have always been based on the here and now, Sara. We work and read forensic journals and watch movies together. We used to exchange e-mails about the growth rate of the blowfly and the validity of life on other planets but now you just fill up my inbox with reports I’d rather not read.” Timeframe: Ending Happy

19) Trying Harder (Grissom/Sara; Mature) Summary: He hadn’t spoken to her since she’d walked out of the layout room; the last time he’d heard her voice had been when he’d called her phone, only to get the professional tone of her voicemail. Timeframe: The Good, The Bad, and the Dominatrix

20) Paper Dollhouses in the Rain (Grissom/Sara; Mature) Summary: She wasn’t stabilizing. Timeframe: Dead Doll

21) Repercussions (Sara/Grissom; Teen) Summary: Hopefully no one would comment that Sara had most likely seen the last of the midnight assignment meetings. Timeframe: A La Cart

22) Fantasy? (Grissom/Sara; M) Summary: Sighing, he closed it before finishing it. He couldn’t reply to this one. It was her most honest and open letter since leaving, but he couldn’t hit reply. He couldn’t tell her that he would forever feel guilty for breaking her heart over and over again. And now, he felt guilty that he couldn’t reply to the email. Timeframe: Christmas following Good Bye and Good Luck.

23) Lily Briscoe and Laura Sidle (Sara Sidle; PG-13) Summary: As a scientist, she must accept the possibility that God did exist. Even here, on this tiny stretch of desolate land that led to a now charming bed and breakfast. Timeframe: Season 8

24) Leaving Meant Stop (Grissom/Sara; Grissom/Heather; Teen) Summary: “She left,” he spoke softly, repeating part of his earlier story. Heather now knew that Sara had left following Warrick’s death and that the relationship had been rocky before then. But she also knew there was more he was bottling up. So she waited. Timeframe: Leave Out All The Rest

25) Clearing (Grissom/Sara; Teen) Summary: Broken described them better. Pieces of a priceless vase scattered across a living room floor, and all the super glue in the world wouldn’t put it completely back together again. Even if they fixed things, how many holes would remain in the final piece? Timeframe: One To Go

26) Meeting Laura (Grissom/Sara; PG-13) Summary: She vowed to never let him meet her mother. She never expected he’d change the rules. Timeframe: Season 9

27) Back to Vegas (Grissom/Sara; PG) Summary: Sara moved into her own home office and curled up in the big red armchair he’d always occupied when they worked in the room together. Somehow, despite the time since he’d sat there, it still smelled like him. “It’s harder than I thought to be so far away from you.” Timeframe: A Family Affair

28) One Week in Paris (Grissom/Sara; Mature) Summary: When it came to it, they didn’t need to work as hard as they did. They needed to work – traveling around the world was not an inexpensive thing – but they also had enough in their mutual savings accounts to allow them a little time to relax. Timeframe: Pre Coup de Grace

29) Overthink (Grissom/Sara; Mature) Summary: Grissom was home and he and Sara weren’t exactly upstairs arguing. Timeframe: Long Ball

30) Eskhara (Sara/Grissom; Teen) Summary: You’ve got the four bedroom, three bath, loft house with the garage and the back yard. Put her in the mud room with the dog. Timeframe: House of Hoarders

31) One Night in Vegas (Grissom/Sara; PG-13) Summary: Sara offered him a small smile. “What I miss most is your arms around me at night. Especially after a case like this. I’m used to us being so busy that we don’t catch up to each other until we get into bed. That’s what I miss. And, I did get used to dinners together while I was in Paris.” Timeframe: Pre Two Mrs. Grissoms

32) Living up to Expectations (Sara/Grissom; Adult) Summary: Grissom and I have great sex. Timeframe: The Two Mrs. Grissoms.

33) A Decision Made (Sara/Grissom; Mature) Summary: She often worried about passing along her own stories to a child, she feared being unable to break the cycle of abuse, and she admitted to irrational worries of a deaf child. It was hard enough to raise a child with no limitations, but a child who was deaf? Timeframe: Season 11

34) Confessional (Sara/Grissom; PG-13) Summary: “It wasn’t until I took this job that I realized hell is real. But it isn’t fire and brimstone. It’s the monsters out on the street with no care for life. I’m not talking about the idiots who rob someone’s house because they’re out there to outsmart the cops.” Timeframe: In a Dark, Dark House

35) Lights on the Water (Sara/Grissom; Teen) Summary: When Catherine and Nick had heard his time in Peru was up, or at least on a break, and there was a lag between assignments, meaning he’d actually be in Vegas, the party had been arranged. Gil was surprised at just how happy he was to celebrate the night with his friends. Timeframe: Post Season 11

36) Of Plants and Tortillas (Sara/Grissom; Mature) Summary: “It’s about more than love,” she said quietly. “I was able to love you without marrying you.” Timeframe: Malice in Wonderland

37) Fallen Memories (Sara/Grissom; Teen) Summary: She’d glued herself back together, smoothing crazy glue over the cracks and turning this way and that so no one would see the holes left behind by pieces too shattered to replace. Warrick was one of those holes. Timeframe: Fallen Angels

38) What They Aren't Saying (Sara/Grissom; Mature) Summary: When they married, he promised her she’d always be the most important thing in his life. Standing in the doorway to the living room, watching her through the glass doors that lead to the balcony, he realizes not only that he was breaking the vow but until this excavation was finished, he’d keep breaking it. Timeframe: Season 13, Pre Risky Business Class

39) The Edge of the Ravine (Sara/Grissom; Teen) Summary: “You know how the stories all show this magic coming out of people meeting in crisis situations? Well, it’s crap. You can’t fall in love that way. You have to know how to be together when things aren’t in crisis.” Timeframe: Risky Business Class

40) To Forgive Oneself (Sara/Grissom; Teen) Summary: They weren’t a couple who could work entirely apart, who could keep home and professional life separate. They’d met because of work; partnership was who they were. Timeframe: Post Risky Business Class

41) To Talk (Grissom/Sara; Teen) Summary: She had no logical reason to avoid his calls, but despite the ten point conversation in her head, logic wasn’t controlling her right now. Timeframe: Dead Air

42) The Years (Sara/Grissom; Teen) Summary: Is this a good time? Timeframe: Dead Air

43) It's Always the Quiet Ones (Sara/Grissom; Teen) Summary: Sara wanted to gossip and talk about sex and why it was so good with this man and why she didn’t want anyone else in her bed – no matter how good NTSB looked to her right now. Timeframe: Somewhere around Double Fault

44) If Only You Asked Me (Sara/Grissom; Teen) Summary: Maybe what they had was a moment in time and they’ve passed along each other, but instead of ships in the night, it’s the Titanic and the ice berg and her heart was left sinking into icy waters. Timeframe: Forget Me Not, based on spoilers.

45) Worth Coming Home To (Sara/Grissom; Teen) Summary: Funny, how such a silly little connection, a silly little trinket, could mean everything. Timeframe: Post Forget Me Not

46) The Loudest Sound (Sara/Grissom; Mature) Summary: Hell was a place on earth. Timeframe: Post Forget Me Not; Pre Last Woman Standing

47) The Awkward Intersection of Love and Estrangement (Sara/Grissom; Teen) Summary: Yes, this trip was important. She wasn’t wearing her ring although it was never far from her finger. He didn’t comment. He still wore his. She didn’t comment. In fact, they didn’t say a word about the relationship. The baggage sat between them, but somehow they didn’t trip over it. They just let it sit. It wasn’t going anywhere. Timeframe: Dead of the Class

48) Ridge Detail (Sara/Grissom; Sara/Mandy (UST/history); PG-15) Summary:She knew better than most how lingering caresses could leave ridge detail within deep tissue bruises and how the roughest of grips could leave behind nothing but a smear of oil on reddened skin. Timeframe: Sheltered

49) Cracks in Blackout Curtains (Sara/Grissom; Sara/Greg (UST); General) Summary: He was close, too close, and she needed to pull away before their heads turned and their lips met and they went to a place that in a few hours they’d regret. Timeframe: Early season 14.

50) Twenty Minutes and the Abyss (Sara/Grissom; General) Summary: But divorce was not as final as death. Neither, logic reminded her as she hit dial and raised the phone to her ear, was separation. What had it been she’d heard a few months ago? The widow missing her husband, telling her how when they were together, she’d felt fearless? Timeframe: Post Under a Cloud

51) Integrity (Sara/Grissom; Hints of Sara/Greg, Sara/Doug; PG-15) Summary: I could never take a life ... Timeframe: Post Girls Gone Wild

52) Checkmate (Sara/Greg; Sara/Grissom; PG-15) Summary: What if this was the universe’s way of telling her that she had a chance to correct that mistake? Timeframe: Post Killer Moves

53) A Fistful of Aprils (Sara/Doug; Hints of Sara/Greg, Sara/Doug; PG-15) Summary: She deserved more ... Timeframe: Late season 14

54) Interlude (Sara/Grissom; Gen) Summary: Worse, she hated that he'd said it to Heather. He hadn't said it to her. He'd needed a third party, yet again, to tell her how he felt. Timeframe: Series Finale

55) In the Silence Between Heartbeats (Sara/Grissom; Gen)
Summary: It all went to hell in France ... Timeframe: 18 months post finale

56) An Ending after Sunset (Sara/Grissom; Hints of Sara/Doug and Sara/Greg; Gen) Summary: “But you see, I’m tired of being your assistant, Gil. Your companion. Rose to your Doctor. It isn’t romantic anymore. And maybe it shouldn’t have been.” Timeframe: Approx 2 years after the series finale



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