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CSI Fic: Interlude

Title: Interlude
Series: Sleeps with Butterflies
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Sara/Grissom
Rating: Gen
A/N: This is a quick turn around reaction to the finale. Spoilers included. It is also a promise that there is more of this story coming.

Summary: Worse, she hated that he'd said it to Heather. He hadn't said it to her. He'd needed a third party, yet again, to tell her how he felt.

InterludeCollapse )
Title: Parting at the Crossroads
Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Author: vegawriters
Rating: PG. Fluff. Pure fluff. Girl needs to write some smut.
Pairing: Riker/Troi but with a nod to Troi/Worf
Timeframe: Post Nemesis
A/N: This is the first TNG fic I've written in probably 15 years. No joke. But it wouldn't leave me alone so here you go. It feels really good to just write it.
For: All of the TNG peeps that came out of the woodwork when I posted about Riker and Troi. ;)

Summary: They were no longer young, but not yet old enough to fall into the reverie of nostalgia.

Parting at the CrossroadsCollapse )

Fic Post: A Fistful of Aprils

Title: A Fistful of Aprils
Author: vegawriters
Fandom: CSI (Sleeps with Butterflies)
Pairing: Sara/Doug (with mentions of Sara/Greg and Sara/Grissom)
Rating: PG-17ish
Timeframe: Covers from season 4 through to season 14.
A/N: I play with time a little bit in this, but that's okay. So do the CSI writers.
Disclaimer: CSI is the property of CBS and all involved with it. I am here writing and playing with characters and not making a dime off of my playing.

Summary: She deserved more ...

A Fistful of AprilsCollapse )

Fic Post: Checkmate (CSI)

Title: Checkmate
Author: vegawriters
Fandom: CSI: Sleeps with Butterflies/CSI: The Crow and the Butterfly
Pairing: Grissom/Sara; Greg/Sara
Rating: PG-15
Timeframe: Killer Moves (Season 14)
Author Note: This is for jazminebel. She was the one who really opened up my eyes to Sara and Greg and this … needed to happen. Fourteen years on, it needed to happen. And, a heads up to sksdwrld. Just because. :)

Disclaimer: I understand that the writers have made a decision. But given that it’s a stupid ass decision, I’m giving it my own backstory and continuation because we haven’t had any kind of follow up for over a year now. That being said, CBS and co still makes the money off of this. I, sadly, don’t make a penny. Yet.

Summary: What if this was the universe’s way of telling her that she had a chance to correct that mistake?

CheckmateCollapse )<a href="http://vega-voices.livejournal.com/83930.html>A Fistful of Aprils</a> ...</i>

Fic Post: Integrity

Title: Integrity
Author: vegawriters
Fandom: CSI: Sleeps with Butterflies/The Crow and the Butterfly
Pairing: GSR (With hints of Greg/Sara, Doug/Sara)
Rating: PG-15
Timeframe: Just post Girls Gone Wild
Disclaimer: Really, not mine. I know they can’t be because it’s fic and the writers can’t participate in this. But just in case they’re curious, I’d love a chance to write a script or seven. Until that point, all of these characters belong to people who aren’t me. They make the money. I get my heart ripped out.

Summary: I could never take a life.

IntegrityCollapse )
Title: Twenty Minutes and the Abyss
Author: vegawriters
Fandom: CSI: Sleeps with Butterflies
Pairing: Grissom/Sara
Rating: Teen
Timeframe: Post Under a Cloud (S. 14)
A/N: For cocoapuffy. I think she knows why.
Disclaimer: Sara Sidle, Gil Grissom, they’re owned by other people (CBS, etc). And those people make money off of them. But if the powers that be want to take a look at that spec script I wrote …

Summary: But divorce was not as final as death. Neither, logic reminded her as she hit dial and raised the phone to her ear, was separation. What had it been she’d heard a few months ago? The widow missing her husband, telling her how when they were together, she’d felt fearless?

Twenty Minutes and the AbyssCollapse )
Title: Cracks in Blackout Curtains
Series: Sleeps with Butterflies/The Crow and the Butterfly
Author: vegawriters
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Grissom/Sara with some Greg/Sara UST
Rating: General
Timeframe: Early season 14, spanning through the first two episodes.
A/N: Please note, this is completely jazminebel’s fault. ;) This takes place in my Sleeps with Butterflies universe, but I suspect it needs to be its own series, encased in the SwB world.
Disclaimer: Sara Sidle, Gil Grissom, and Greg Sanders belong to CSI, CBS, and those powers that be. Per usual, I make not a cent from what I write.

Summary: He was close, too close, and she needed to pull away before their heads turned and their lips met and they went to a place that in a few hours they’d regret.

Cracks in Blackout CurtainsCollapse )
Title: Morning Dawns in November
Author: vegawriters
Fandom: The Newsroom
Timeframe: Directly following the Season Two finale.
Rating: M
A/N: Like Will, I couldn’t ignore Mac any longer.
Disclaimer: The Newsroom and all its characters and concepts do belong to HBO and Aaron Sorkin. But as a fic writer, I want to thank him for coming back with a bang.

Summary: Forgiveness wasn’t necessary. The pain they’d put each other through over the years had wiped the need for forgiveness out of the picture.

Morning Dawns in NovemberCollapse )

Fic Post: Waterproof Mascara

Title: Waterproof Mascara
Author: vegawriters
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Post GSR (yes, that is a pairing now.)
Rating: Teen
A/N: This started as a dabbling with a DB/Sara idea. But I couldn’t go there. Not completely. As I hope is shown when you finish reading this. It is also possibly how I might end up dealing with what I fear is the inevitable signing of the divorce papers and the sinking of the ship that helped to save my life. I wrote this with Sleeps with Butterflies in mind, but it is not married to that universe – mostly so I can keep that series canon should things change right now. Right now, this is a one-shot. We’ll see what happens next.
Disclaimer: Sara Sidle, DB Russell, Doug Wilson, Greg Sanders, Nick Stokes, and even Gilbert-hoseweed-Grissom are owned by CBS and the other powers that be. But I’m not sure I like how they’re playing with them. I might have to steal their toys.

Summary: The white cloth was streaked with her mascara and eyeliner and she realized that there was in fact a level of tears that could wash off waterproof eye makeup.

Waterproof MascaraCollapse )

Fic: Ridge Detail

Title: Ridge Detail
Series: Sleeps With Butterflies
Author: vegawriters
Rating: PG-15
Pairing: Grissom/Sara; Mandy/Sara
Timeframe: Season 13, around Sheltered
A/N: Thanks to kitty for the beta!
Disclaimer: Mandy, Sara, Grissom, et al belong to CBS and co. I make no money from this and I’m cool with that.

Summary: She knew better than most how lingering caresses could leave ridge detail within deep tissue bruises and how the roughest of grips could leave behind nothing but a smear of oil on reddened skin.

Ridge DetailCollapse )


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